Internet Marketing: Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

By Len | Internet Marketing

Jan 16

Internet marketing is about utilizing present-day technologies and trends to develop a strategy to sell your products online.

It requires a lot of research and being attentive to what your audience is searching for within a specific market to determine what goes into an effective marketing strategy.

Regrettably, many internet marketers are seduced by "shiny object syndrome."

Which means that they're attracted to new buzzwords, trends, and programs and feel that they have to use them in their marketing. Below are a few considerations before introducing these new methods into your marketing strategy.

Although "shiny object syndrome" may be exciting, enjoyable, and fun, the trouble is that the internet marketers that jump at the opportunity to employ them don't take the time to find out if they are things which their prospective audience is actually enthusiastic about.

Just the fact they're new and "shiny" implies that they're "hot" and must be used to blow away the audience as well as your competition. This tends to backfire on the internet entrepreneur if it's not useful to your audience, or even worse, if it prevents your audience from receiving the important info they need. 

Viewers will leave a website in a heart beat when they can't receive the info they need, regardless of how "hip" the marketing is.

Think about your current business strategy prior to trying new ideas. Take into account the challenges that you're attempting to solve for your prospect, the way you reach your potential customers, the quantity of site visitors who use your information, your resources, and whether you're reputation as an expert in your market could be harmed.

If these new methods don't accomplish the goals you have for these particular considerations, you chance having your audience, turn against you. Remember that by not understanding fully these considerations before you start, you run the likelihood of the new ideas being put into your plan will in all probability be unsuccessful.

Don't use new tools simply to use new tools. As an example, just because a new social media website is released doesn't mean that you must jump on it immediately. It might not even be suitable for your targeted niche and with regards to marketing, your time and energy matters.

Don't spend your time on things that won't help your business. Before you begin introducing something new to your plan, you have to be sure your present plan's currently succeeding. Adding new things with out knowing why your present one is failing will likely still result in failure. Make sure things are set up for success before you begin adding and shuffling things around inside your marketing strategy.

Make sure that what ever techniques you choose to use are also right for targeting your specific audience. For example, you are focusing on females of a particular age, be sure that what ever is in your strategy is suitable for that audience.

As previously explained, as an Internet marketer it's very important not to be seduced by "shiny object syndrome." You're allowed to use new stuff in your marketing strategy, however, you need to think about what you're attempting to accomplish with your plan over-all, and when you change something that it is suitable for your market and moving your business in a positive direction and not simply distracting you from making progress in your business.

  • Joe Coon says:

    I use to LOVE all the shiny new objects Len! They are hard not to at least notice, and all the hype that usually comes with them.

    Most of them will steal from you, your valuable time, and your money too! I really enjoyed your article, and will share it with others along the Internet trails I ride.

    Joe Coon´s last blog post ..Awaken The Sleeping Giant

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