Great Airshow In Lynchburg, VA

By Len | Local Events

May 23

Lynchburg put on a terrific airshow. Once inside the setup was impressive with ATM machines, plenty of food vendors and lots of Porta-Johns and hand washing stations. Security was tight but not ridiculous. The weather was perfect, a gorgeous day. It goes without saying that the Blue Angels were awesome!

The Flying Circus was terrific reenacting the old barnstorming days of the past with their squadron of vintage bi-wing airplanes. The wing walking and the tail hook mail pick up were a couple of my favorite demonstrations. They also bombed the “Black Baron” with flour sacks which was pretty funny.

The Flying Circus is located in Bealeton VA between Culpeper and Warrenton. They perform there every Sunday May-October. Pilots give rides in these old vintage airplanes for those who would like to experience open cockpit flying. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

I attended the Saturday show and once the show was over things got ugly. Everyone headed for the gate at the same time. An estimated 30,000 people headed for shuttle buses to return to their vehicles. It turned out to be about a 3 hour wait to get away from the airport. People were dropping like flies from dehydration and heat exhaustion. The police obviously didn’t know what to do and the situation quickly became every man/woman for themselves. It was frankly pretty scary for awhile. I really felt bad for families with small children and the Senior Citizens. This situation was particularly hard on them.

Organizers made changes in exit traffic patterns for the Sunday show and things appear to have gone much smoother.

I had a great time and enjoyed the show. We were blessed with a beautiful day and it was good to have something of this caliber in our area. Now, if this sunburn would just soak in….

Sunburned Aviation Fan