November 23, 2017

About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Len and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I live and work in Lynchburg Virginia. I’ve been online since 1998 studying website development and effective internet marketing. I have extensive experience in sales and marketing both online and off. I provide web hosting and website development services and enjoy focusing on local markets and teaching others how to effectively market there local businesses on the internet.

I also offer a Text Message Marketing service to local businesses in my area. I developed this service using a phone application platform that is hosted on my Dominate Local Markets domain. This service is a powerful tool for local businesses to drive foot traffic to their establishments. The current business model for this service has local business owners paying a low $24.97 monthly fee to access the service. You can visit the Dominate Local Markets website to learn more about it.

Some of my other interest include travel, aviation, sailing and canoeing.

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